Our Mission

Perpetual Help Foundation is a non-profit foundation. Our purpose in life and in our hearts, is to help the homeless community in the Inland Empire. To give a “Hand up, not a Hand down” to those who seek to change their lives.

“We cannot change the world, but together; we can change someone’s world”

Choice of life…

We understand that many of the homeless community are there, simply because that is their way of life. A way of life that they choose to live in. We can only help by providing them items to help them live their day, how they choose.

Mental Illness…

There is a significant percent of people who have no other choice other than to be homeless. Because they have medical issues that disables them to live a “normal” life. There perspective on a normal life is different.

Life happens…

People who fell into hard times. Life can sometimes lead people to become lost, to feel lost, to feel alone. To be homeless. Loss of a loved one, loss of employment, financial issues, divorce.

“Everyone knows someone that can make a difference.”

Sponsor our foundation by hiring people that need a “hand up, not a hand out”.

We focus on those who want the hand up, Those who can and want to change their lives.

If you work for a private, state, city, government funded program that maybe able to help the community, please contact me as we would like to learn more regarding programs and projects available.

If you would like to contribute or volunteer to our foundation please click the “Donate” link above.